Our Technologies

Our Technologies


This technology allows the usage of C, C++ and Objective-C in platforms where these languages are not originally supported.

For example, you can run C++ games on web browsers without any extra plugin. This technology is licensed as a Middleware solution named Mandreel.

Virtualization Technology

Our virtualization technology is used to run videogames developed for old platforms on new platforms.

Currently our virtualized platforms are Sega Dreamcast, Model2, NeoGeo, Capcom System 1/2/3, several custom DataEast HW, system16, system18 and SEGA Genesis. Due to our experience on virtualization, we can support new platforms if a client needs it.

This Virtualization Technology, thanks to our Online Multiplayer Technology, allows multiple players to play online in videogames with only a local multiplayer mode.

Online Multiplayer Technology

Our online multiplayer technology is perfect to add online support to videogames which originally were not developed to support it. This technology has a really easy integration process.

Also, it’s suitable to develop online games from scratch. In these cases the advantage is that the gameplay implementation is easier than other online implementations because you don’t need to write specific online/multiplayer sourcecode. With our technology the multiplayer support will work online automatically on a simple gameplay implementation.

It also manages the global game state which minimises the latency between the clients with an advanced re-sync algorithm.

PSN/XBLA Live Wrapper

We have a stable and easy to use wrapper which supports the PSN and XBLA platforms and has been used in real products helping us to develop multiplayer games for these platforms in record time.

Nano Game Engine

Nano is our game engine for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Windows and MacOSX. We can develop our own videogames for these platforms without extra thirdparty middleware.

Mobile Game Engine

This is a game engine to develop games for mobile platforms like iOS, Android and WP7. It also supports integration with Openfeint, Facebook and Gamecenter.